Greeting students and parents, welcome to Physical Education, I have been in education for two years. I graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology in 2013. I have a passion for molding young people into individuals that will be productive assets of society. I enjoy informing individuals about the importance of  physical activity/nutrition. I am looking forward to teaching you and having a great year.
Holly Springs Hawks
Learning Strategies


  • The grading cycle runs from Thursday to Thursday. All work will be graded.
  • Please login into to Clever and complete the lessons created on Standards RI 2 and RI 6 in USA Testprep.
  • Complete 3-5 lessons on Edgenuity.
  • Complete an E-book every 2 weeks.

Instructions for accessing E-books

How to access E-books

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o   Access to MAGNOLIA

o   Scroll  to the bottom of page (Note: 2 portals for e-books) 

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Third Nine Weeks Assignments

Weekly Assignment-1/11-1/15

What is the purpose of physical education?

How many meals should we be eating on a daily basis?

What is a disease that could come from not eating properly and exercising?

How many snacks should we be eating on a daily basis?

Provide an example of a lean meat.

What is the recommended amount of time for physical activity per day for students?

Provide an example of a health snack.


Weekly Assignment-1/18-1/22

Give one example of cardio exercise.

When you hear the word cardio, what word should come to mind?

Give one example of a strengthening exercise.

Give one example of a flexibility exercise.

Give one example of a balancing exercise.

What is the definition of obese?

Blood pressure is made up of how many numbers?

What is one condition that could come from becoming obese?

What is sleep apnea?


Weekly Assignment-1/25-1/29

Name 5 muscles in the upper & lower body.

Name an exercise that will benefit each one of those muscles.


Weekly Assignment-2/1-2/5

Where did the game of dodgeball come from?

Instead of balls, what was used to hit the opponent?

Kickball is very familiar to what game?

List the three way you can be called out in the game of dodgeball.

What is the definition of a strike?

What is the definition of a foul?

How many bases are there in kickball?

Why is dodgeball so popular across the nation in pe classes?


Weekly Assignment-2/8-2/12

Name the 5 positions in the game of basketball?

What is a rebound?

What is an assist?

What is a double-dribble

What is a travel?

What is a carry?

How many points is a free throw worth?

How many players are there per team on the court?

If you shoot anywhere in front of the 3-point line, how many points is that shot worth?

What is 3-seconds?


Weekly Assignment-2/22-2/26

Answer the following questions concerning CPR & Heimlich Maneuver

What is the difference between CPR & Heimlich Maneuver?

Where should your hands be placed to perform the Heimlich Maneuver?

How do you perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a infant?

How do you perform the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself?

What does CPR stand for?

What are three ways to check for a pulse?

What is the first thing you should do if you think someone heart has stopped?

How many chest compressions should be given during CPR?


Weekly Assignment-3/1-3/5

Answer the following questions concerning stress:

Define stress?

What  are stressors?

Provide an example of environmental stressor?

Provide an example of biological stressor?

What are three ways to relieve stress?

List 3 possible effects that can come from stress?

How many different types of stress is there?


Weekly Assignment-3/15-3/19

What are the three lifts that are performed in the sport of powerlifting?

How many attempts are allowed per lift?

How many judges are there in the sport of powerlifting?

What does a white light mean in the sport of powerlifting?

What does a red light mean in the sport of powerlifting?

How do you know if you're getting low enough on squats?

What does the judge say to the lifter to let he/she know that the bar has the correct weight on the bar?


Weekly Assignment-3/22-3/26

What is the actual name for soccer?

How many points are awarded for a score in soccer?

How many players are on each team?

How long is a soccer match?

What does a yellow card represent?

What does a red card represent?

What is the job of the goalie?

What is the goalie allowed to do that others can't do?

How many minutes are played if a game goes into overtime?

What is a penalty kick?


Weekly Assignment-4/6-4/10

How are inhalant drugs entered into the body?

How are injected drugs entered into the body?

What effect does hallucinogens have on the body?

What effect does caffeine have on the body?

Give three example of "OTC" drugs?

What does "OTC" stand for?

What organ in the body does alcohol attack primarily?

Give one example of a peer, in regards to peer pressure?

At what age is alcohol legal?

At what age is tobacco products legal?

Give one product that has caffeine in it?

Give one example of a depressant?


Weekly Assignment-4/12-4/16

Name 3 people you can tell if you're getting bullied?

Name 3 reasons why someone might bully another person?

What is the difference between a fight/disagreement and bullying?

Name 3 ways that bullying affects people?

Name 3 ways bullying can be reduced?









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