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The MISSION of Holly Springs High School is to offer a HIGH QUALITY Education so that students can excel in the global community.

The VISION of Holly Springs High School is to become an A+ school.


The following link is students will use to log into the system.

The student's login username:  first name initial, last name initial, lunch number
Student Password: (STATE ID NUMBER) two or three zeros plus the student's lunch number


Message from the Principal

Dear Students:

On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff of the Holly Springs High School, we would like to welcome your return to the Holly Springs School District and more specifically, Holly Springs High School, for the 2022-2023 school term.  We also want to welcome ninth grade students who will initially matriculate here on the high school level.  We want to encourage every student to make their best contribution toward their education each minute as we continue metamorphosing into the brave new normal world of education.  Please know that it is our utmost intention and responsibility to deliver the epitome of a high quality education as you are our future educators, medical, legal, industry and other service providers. Please keep in mind these profound words from the singer John Legend, “The future started yesterday, and we are already late.” Refuse to become discouraged, follow the rules, meet and exceed expectations of us and your parents, and the world will be yours and everything in it (Rudyard Kipling Poem-If).

Let’s have a great year, and again, welcome to the place where Hawks learn to soar!


All the best,

Cravin Turnage