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STEM is a course based in being creative. You identify a problem that needs to be solved, Study possible ways to solve the problem. Create a solution and test it; then make any changes that you think will make it better. 

We will be following the MS STEM Standards and incorporating a new program that was just installed this year in our school- the Skills Path 2030 Lab. It provides online and hands-on activities that cover many branches of STEM and Career and Technical Education, including engineering, 3D printers, lasers and robotics.


New STEM Curriculum

My Daily Schedule

1st and 2nd period
3rd and 4th period
5th period
6th period
7th period
Teacher Academy I
Teacher Academy II
7:30-9:15 then ALS
10:00- 11:50 then lunch
Leonard Ruck

This course will provide you with many of the skills that will be needed in the coming years. We will focus on Technology and Engineering, with an emphasis on the Engineering Design Process.

You will learn how to navigate through several online platforms including Google sites and Skills Path 2030.  We will study Newton's Laws and Simple Machines, Applied Electronics, Mechanics and Robotics.

I am available for conferences from 2:30-3:30 daily. I can also be reached at the number on the right.

My name is Leonard Ruck, I am your instructor. I earned my Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Memphis. I have taken 5 different Graduate level Methods courses in the Sciences and Geography and some STEM and Project Based Learning courses.

I earned my endorsement for Gifted and Talented in North Dakota. I also taught Art, so I called my room the STEAM Room. I really believe that STEM and STEAM are crucial for the next generations. I earned my STEM certification last Summer.

I believe that every child deserves a chance to be challenged for enrichment; you never know who will show themselves to be Gifted and Talented if they are presented with the opportunity. We will try to provide each of you with opportunities to develop your individual and group skills.

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Leonard Ruck

email: lruck@hssdk12.org

contact: 731-518-7962