Ciante' A.P. Barber

Essentials to College Literacy, SREB Literacy Ready, and DC Biology I


Monday: Edgenuity (Advanced Reading B)

          Students are to complete one lesson on Monday

Tuesday: Lesson on current standard

       Students will complete Bellringers, powerpoint/notes, Readings, and then Exit Tickets to be submitted via Google Classroom.

 Wednesday: Edgenuity (Advanced Reading B) and a simple Worksheet

         Students will complete one lesson on Wednesday on Edgenuity and                 complete a worksheet that will be assigned on Google Classroom

Thursday: Quick Lesson on standard, Reading, Discussion, and Questions

          Students will complete Bellringers, powerpoint/notes, Readings, and                                then Exit Tickets to be submitted via Google Classroom.

Friday: Students will be assigned a teacher to assist them with any classwork, homework,or assiatance with virtual learning                                         

The grading cycle runs weekly and we grades will be entered every Friday unless we have a pop quiz.

Please login into Clever and hover over to Edgenuity and complete the lessons under Advanced Reading B on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Complete Assignments via Google classroom on the current standard that we will be on for the week.


Instructions for accessing E-books

How to access E-books

·    Go to Holly Springs School District Page

·    Under School Tab –click on HSHS

·    Under News and Events-Click Library

·    Click on Links

o   Access to MAGNOLIA

o   Scroll  to the bottom of page (Note: 2 portals for e-books) 

Usernames and Passwords for E-Books 

ABDO Digital

username: hollyspringshs

password: student


Lerner Digital eBooks





Mr. Barber



Hello students! Until we are physically back in the classroom, your weekly assignments will be given in the form of packets through multiple website. Each week, I will post assignments on Sunday and they will be due the day that the assignment is given. It is imperative that all work is submitted because I will NOT grade late work (0 in grade book) or allow you to make it up. You will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Complete given assignments on Edgenuity (log in through Clever)

  2. Complete assignment given on Google Classroom (class codes provided at the bottom)

  3. In addition, we will soon start to work on Resumes

Current Standards:

SREB Literacy Ready and Essentials for College Literacy

RL / RI 12.4

(Vocabaulary, Context Clues, and Tone)

Weekly Google Meeting Link                                             

Google Meet Link to join during your class period:

Dial-in: (US) +1 607-288-2117 

PIN: 883 257 689#


I will be assigning two assignments a week on Edgenuity. Please do not submit until the assignment is complete (assignment is complete once the quiz is done)

Log in Instructions:


  2. Search for Holly Springs School District 

  3. Username/PW: Student ID #


1st- izvrgir

2nd- uc5liq5

3rd- 2dp74ld

5th- xy32dzy

6th- taar3ic

7th- meqbifu