Lee Ellen Nelson- Self-Contained


My name is Lee Ellen Nelson, and I teach the 7th-12th  grade Self-Contained Class at the Holly Springs Junior and Senior High Schools. My assistant is Thia Brown.

During this time of hybrid and virtual learning, I will be making student work packets and assigning times for my students to meet as a class and individually on my google link. I will be in contact regularly with parents and students about times to pick up packets and return student work, as well as giving daily Moby Max assignments It is very important that students have their packets, for that is the work we will be covering on our google meet times. .Please be sure to follow guidelines when entering the building. Check in through the office and wear a mask at all times. Icf you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on my cell, where we already communicate regularly, or the school phone or my email. (662)252-4371. lnelson@hssd.k12.ms,us



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